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College Calendar 2008

Printable Calendar

On the way to richness and glory, thus while studying and afterwards, to keep the general view and to organize, without use of your memory - in the end, there can be only this calendar to do so! Approved for study and freelance work.
The calendar is designed in A4 format what could possibly seem to be uncommonly bulky, but: It's not a bug, it's a feature! You have a perfect overview, much place for notes, and nonetheless a standard format that fits in every decent bag.
... more: German version [download as PDF]
... more: English version [download as PDF]

Bild: Ausschnitt vom Kalender Bild: Ausschnitt vom Kalender

Print on colored paper

It looks printed the best when taking different colored paper for certain pages, for example like this:

1- 6 light blue paper
7-10 light yellow paper
11-68 white paper
69-78 light yellow paper
79-88 yellow paper
89-94 green paper
95-96 white paper

Then put it into a folder, or even better: take a double ring binding!

LaTeX source code

Furthermore there is the LaTeX souce code which allows to customize the calendar much better to own requirements. For example the birthday calendar can be automized. Therefor you write the birthdays in a list in a file apart and while generating the annual survey these dates are written into the particular days.
... more: German version [download as ZIP]
... more: English version [download as ZIP]