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Posted on November 2008


The book: Elements of topology

Collection of graphical survey pages. A total of 186 pages, with large index and bibliography. Regrettably this book is written completely in German.
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Bild: Topologie

Table of contents

Topological spaces
Compact spaces
Topological manifolds
Classification of compact surfaces
Homotopy typs of spaces
Fundamental group
Fundamental group of the Circle
Seifert-Van Kampen Theorem
Covering Spaces
Classification of Coverings
Simpliciale Homology
Singular Homology

Page preview

The following four pictures are previews of what you can find in the book on page 9, 10, 75 and 76.
Bild: 9. Seite
Bild: 10. Seite
Bild: 75. Seite
Bild: 76. Seite