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Changelog of this website

31 May 2018: Decluttered. Bye-bye beloved numerics, functional analysis and interviews about text culture in mathematics. Now there is a Posted on label on every entry. And less clickways: Hello frontpage!
1 November 2015: Some hints how to use the plasmoid USB-Steckdose with debian jessie.
1 October 2011: New download available for Gembird's Silver Shield power outlet strip: to control with Linux (KDE4) from the desktop. Try the plasmoid USB-Steckdose.
6 November 2008: The book of topology with a huge collection of survey sheets is now downloadable. To be found at the Download Station.
1 August 2008: New links at the Linkvertising Column. For exemple to a super comic strip! And the recipes individually downloadable by now.
16 July 2008: The lecture about spherical geometry of today is available at the Download Station.
24 June 2008: Some sheets about affine spaces and affine maps, at the Letter Cafe.
17 June 2008: The Cookery book is now available at the Download Station.
14 June 2008: The site is online again with new design. Last week the domain hoster had a bad crash. A perfect moment to rework the design. Moreover, there are all pages available in English and French now. Don't know if there is much use of it at the moment as most of the downloadable content is in fact written in German.